Monday, July 19, 2010

Moved to Tears

Max watches over his sweet sister who is 1 week old.
Love is Kara's big brother, Dan. (1 week old)
Daddy holding his little globug--1 day old.

I came across these pictures today and they moved me to tears. In the days after Kara Faith was born my time was limited in going through the pictures and posting on her. I so distinctly remember these moments that are pictured here. First, Kara was 1 day old when we went down to the NICU to visit her and found her under orange & blue bili-lights. Yes, they were orange and blue--Go Gators! I love the sweet picture of her with her daddy. Also, Dan & Max spent many hours in the NICU with their baby sister. Here are a couple of her wrapped up in the EEG wires. They brought tears to my eyes because I hated her having those tests done. They were on her for 48 hours plus that time because it was over a weekend and their tests were done, but no one was around to take them off. At that point, we didn't know exactly how long she would be with us and we just wanted to hold her and love her and the EEG got in the way of bonding with our baby. Both Dan and Max took this in stride and you can see how much they love their sister.
The pain of losing her surfaces in spurts now.