Thursday, April 29, 2010

I heart Kara Faith

My sweet little Peanut sits on Ms. Teri's lap. I love her in this little heart outfit that her big sister, Celeste, got for her. Right now, some days, I have to remind myself that Kara Faith was here and she was real. I just don't want to forget anything about her...

Friday, April 23, 2010

My New Favorite

She was such a sweet spirit. You can see it here...

Collage of Kara...

Today she has been gone from us for 8 weeks... Kara is sitting on Jesus' lap. What a wonderous thing that must be! I am wearing my purple and awaiting donuts. Enjoy her pictures!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

49 Days

Yesterday we celebrated 49 days since Kara Faith went to the arms of Jesus. We wore purple and had donuts. We visited her little "spot" in the "park." Today we march forward... It is the 50th day since she left us and now she has been gone longer than she was with us. My memory of her grows fonder and my faith is being renewed. I can begin to see life beyond the journey we have been walking through. God is faithful. He is in the business of changing hearts and I am praying for Him to lead me (and my family) forward. I am so thankful for Kara and we all miss her, but truly to have her back would be to limit her in this world. She is much better in heaven with my Savior. There she is perfect and lacking nothing. I love you my little Peanut, sweet Kara Faith.

I am still wading through the pictures that we took of her. There are so many and it's hard to look upon many of them. I hope to share a few here and there as the days come. Bless you, everyone, for being such a support to us and we hope that Kara Faith has inspired your trust in Him who made you.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kara Faith ~ A Testimony

For some time now, I have been wanting to share this testimony. It comes from a dear friend at church who also lost a child from a special condition. Oh how his words have strengthened me over the past weeks! I cried when I typed this up to share with you. May God have all the Glory for my pregnancy with Kara Faith, her tiny life while she was here, and her testimony that goes on...

"We need to acknowledge God when we see him in action. It is important for those who need their faith strengthened (such as myself) to hear, “That is God in action!" God has sovereignly worked in Miss Kara’s life. There are two ways that it is clear (even though we see through a glass darkly for now) that God faithfully demonstrates that Kara is both a heritage from God and a reward!

In 1989 when I had just received the news on the phone that our little one, Amanda Hope, would not live, I was overcome and had to drop everything and go home for the day. As I was driving, I saw a child in the car ahead of me that had Down Syndrome and was climbing over the seat. I realized that our little one would never do something so simple. I actually saw that a child whom even moments before I would have looked down upon-now had advantages that I envied for my own child. At that moment God changed my heart forever in regards to children. I saw that every child, Down Syndrome or otherwise, was indelibly marked with the image of their own Maker—the image of God. Therefore, every child is worthy to be loved and cared for by their parents. Kara has had a powerful impact on all of us around her. As a child created in the image of God, she is a reward of the womb. She is a gift.

Kara is a gift. The Lord, I believe, gave me a picture. It is the picture of a package. A package that when it arrived was wrapped in dark, fearful wrapping paper. There were no lavender ribbons or bows, but instead coarse twine that was tightly knotted over and over. This package is one that no one would have chosen. You, Stu and Nancy, have cut your fingers untying the course harsh knots with rejection from people, difficult decisions, grief and difficult emotions, and even doubt about your own adequacy in regard to your care of Kara. Then you have had to part with her! But as you were able to just slide the twine off and peek inside the package a beam of brilliant light burst forth! Oh my! This package that seemed so awful on the outside is truly a gift. Then as the package was unwrapped further, more and more life and joy of the Lord Jesus Christ continually has enfolded you. Peace, perspective, and courage came forth. The gift contains the fellowship of sharing in the suffering of Christ and obedience to His call in caring for one that the world would have put to death – Miss Kara. For He loves the ones others consider unlovely who are His. Christ died for the ungodly, even ourselves, who were unlovely and should have been unwanted. Our Heavenly Father willingly suffered the loss of His Son for our sins only to receive Him back to be with Him forever. You have lost Kara for now, but by God’s grace she will be with you in Eternity – a wonderful heritage. This seemingly dark and fearful package is a gift that will continually make you more and more like your Savior, Jesus Christ – the Best Kind of Gift, though you initially would never have chosen it. A gift you will continue to open in the years to come."

~written by Christopher Spencer--dear friend, loving husband and father, and fellow member of Abundant Grace