Saturday, April 17, 2010

49 Days

Yesterday we celebrated 49 days since Kara Faith went to the arms of Jesus. We wore purple and had donuts. We visited her little "spot" in the "park." Today we march forward... It is the 50th day since she left us and now she has been gone longer than she was with us. My memory of her grows fonder and my faith is being renewed. I can begin to see life beyond the journey we have been walking through. God is faithful. He is in the business of changing hearts and I am praying for Him to lead me (and my family) forward. I am so thankful for Kara and we all miss her, but truly to have her back would be to limit her in this world. She is much better in heaven with my Savior. There she is perfect and lacking nothing. I love you my little Peanut, sweet Kara Faith.

I am still wading through the pictures that we took of her. There are so many and it's hard to look upon many of them. I hope to share a few here and there as the days come. Bless you, everyone, for being such a support to us and we hope that Kara Faith has inspired your trust in Him who made you.


Vicki said...

You're a very special, very dear, very precious lady . . . what a joy to refer to you as "my friend."

Mary said...

So glad you are feeling renewed and directed today! God is good just to give you the reminder that He is moving you forward.

When you feel you are able, post some of the pictures, we would LOVE to see more!!!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

I found you on Chris' blog and wanted to say I am so so very sorry for your loss. I was weeping as I watched the video. Praise the Lord Kara Faith is sitting in the lap of our Lord and there is truly no better place to be. She is whole now. I do know you and your family are left behind with the pain. I pray that He brings peace and comfort and that this amazing little life will allow many to come to know and believe on Jesus Christ. What a testimony to choosing life. God bless your hearts and home. Love