Wednesday, December 30, 2009

35 week Check-Up

Yesterday, we went in for my 35 week check-up with Dr. Duff. I have been feeling a bit better since my amnio reduction last Christmas Eve (6 days ago). My fundal height was 42. It had been 46 before last week's fluid drain. Baby looks good on ultrasound, but we still did not get a weight measurement on Kara. (I have been a bit disappointed since we have had NO weight on her since I was 28 weeks pregnant...) I was told we would do that next week. My C Section date was moved up to January 20th with an alternate date of January 14th. I expect the fluid issues to return by my appointment next week, so I think we'll probably be doing that earlier delivery date. I expect we may have to do another amniotic fluid reduction sometime next week. At that point, they would test for lung maturity. Be in prayer for Kara Faith's lungs to be mature when her time comes. I have had a lot of contractions lately and do have meds to take for them, but they make me feel badly. It is difficult to manage the children and the house right now. I am trying to rest as much as possible. My next OB appointment is January 5th. I look forward to that! Please pray that Kara Faith stays as healthy as she can be safe inside me. I want to meet her desperately and bring her home.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Heartbeat of Heaven

Here is a video of Kara Faith's hearbeat. Her Daddy was really enjoying listening, so it's rather long. I know I will treasure this. I'm so glad we brought the camera that does video to our amniotic fluid reduction on Christmas Eve!

Update on Amnio Procedure

Here's an update on our amnio reduction procedure. We went in at 9 on Christmas Eve. They were all waiting for us and didn't make me get an IV this time. (Happy dance!) The same resident that did it last time was there and performed it this time, so we knew each other. They got 1.7 LITERS of fluid off in just under 15 minutes and it wasn't nearly as painful as last time. I had lots of contractions afterwards every 2-3 minutes, so they gave me terbutaline to stop them. I was sent home 2 hours later. I was in and out of L&D in about 3 hours. I had a lot more pain at the site where they put the needle this time, but I'm chalking it up to using a larger needle. (At least it didn't take 35 minutes like last time!) Also, I had contractions most of Christmas Day and had to take meds for them. I'm still having some this morning, so may take more meds, but they make me dizzy and I pretty much can't do anything.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Kara Faith and think it will be near the end of the first week of January... We'll see what the doctor says next week on Tuesday!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prayer for Amnio Tomorrow

After our OB appointment today, we are scheduled to go in tomorrow (Christmas Eve) for another amniotic fluid reduction at 9 AM. I am supposed to call to make sure they're not too busy before we go in. Please pray that this can be done with no complications and I'll be home on my own couch tomorrow afternoon enjoying Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family. I measured 46 weeks again and I'm 34.5. I don't feel prepared to have her tomorrow (or the next day). My house looks like a bomb went off and I have no idea how to coordinate child care. Please pray for God to be all over the details! Thank you!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Stuart & Me, Christmas Photo

Here is a picture of my hubby, Stuart, and I at a recent church Christmas Party. Notice the big belly! It's sweet Kara's huge swimming pool. :)

33.5 Week OB Visit

I went in to see my OB on Tuesday. After all I went through with the amnio drain on Monday, I felt I didn't gain too much. He measured me (fundal height) at 43 and I was 33 weeks pregnant. It has been more tolerable since then and my contractions have slowed. I received meds for contractions when I need to take them, but so far I haven't needed to--praise the Lord! I was very disappointed that we didn't take a good look at Kara and do a biophysical profile to check her approximate weight. It has been over 5 weeks since that was done and I felt they would be following me more closely... I have no idea what her growth rate is at this point. I can only pray that she is doing well in that area--I have spent much time crying and worrying over this, but have had to take it to the Lord. The doctor wanted to see me back in 2 weeks. He will be out of town for Christmas next week. I don't know what my polyhydramios issue will look like next week, so I requested to be seen by someone to touch base next week. I'm supposed to go in on Wednesday, but don't have a time yet. Dr. Duff would like Kara to stay in there until at least 36 weeks. We don't want immature lung issues to complicate her already challenged state. Please pray that I would not be discouraged during these last few weeks. It is very difficult for me to get around and take care of my little children (and it's Christmas!). My church family has been wonderful with meals and coming over to help at times. That has been a blessing! I have a hard time not being totally self-sufficient.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fluid Drained Off Today

Due to several hours of middle of the night contractions Sunday night, Dr. Duff instructed us to go to L&D at Shands and have fluid drained off to increase my comfort and prevent baby Kara from coming early. We were greeted by a lovely nurse, Vikki, who is a personal friend of the Walters family at AGCC. She said she knew of us and had been praying for our baby. WOW! Late afternoon they drained 1.325 LITERS of fluid off. It was horribly painful and Dr. Duff wanted 1.5 L, but I couldn't go any further as it took 35 MINUTES to do it. We are now home, but I am still having cramping from the procedure and contractions every 5-10 minutes. We are hoping NOT to go back in tonight. I see Dr. Duff tomorrow afternoon at 4:15 to check on Kara's weight, etc. They say they can do the procedure again on me when it becomes necessary. (I'd rather not!) By the way, I was measuring at 46 weeks pregnant and I'm 33.5! But we'll just take it day by day. I am supposed to be doing nothing, for now, which is hard with such a busy household. Thank you SO much to our generous friends at church for helping out with our children and to all our prayer warrior friends from far and wide. We appreciate ALL of your help and every one's prayers!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our God is big enough...

They say that I am crazy for letting you be born,
But one look at your angel face makes crazy all the scorn.

They say we can’t afford you–that you’ll need a lot of stuff,
But your pudgy cheeks remind us that our God is big enough.

They say it’s strange–seven kids so far–and ask what’s wrong with us,
How could we know that proof of married love would cause this fuss?

God’s Word tells me He made us, so when they look at you,
I’ll tell them not to ask me why, because He made you too!

Kelly Crawford @ Generation Cedar

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prayer Request

Evidently, I don't do things half way... I went today for a check-up with Dr. Duff and I had gained a significant amount of weight. Over the past several days I have just been feeling HUGE in the belly and was afraid that the amniotic fluid had increased. Well, I was correct. I am currently measuring 39 weeks (fundal height) and I am 31.5 weeks pregnant. This is an issue because it could cause me to go into premature labor due to my body "thinking" it's time. Just to let you know how much I grew recently: I measured 32 at my last visit 12 days ago and now I'm 39. That's a 7 week hop in the matter of 12 days!!! At this rate, I am afraid of what may happen. I think the biggest I've ever been is 44.

Dr. Duff said if I get too uncomfortable, have contractions, or trouble breathing that they can do an amnio and drain off probably about 1 Liter of fluid. This might buy me another week or so at the point that we do it. I don't know if we would do it more than once. I've never had an amnio and I have heard they hurt! I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all. We want Kara Faith to stay in there as LONG as possible. Dr. Duff says there is nothing I can do, but I am still going to tighten up my diet so that my sugars are even better and don't fluctuate as much. Maybe this will help.

Please, please be in prayer that this doesn't continue at the rate it is and Kara can stay in there until at least 36-37 weeks. Thank you!!!