Monday, December 14, 2009

Fluid Drained Off Today

Due to several hours of middle of the night contractions Sunday night, Dr. Duff instructed us to go to L&D at Shands and have fluid drained off to increase my comfort and prevent baby Kara from coming early. We were greeted by a lovely nurse, Vikki, who is a personal friend of the Walters family at AGCC. She said she knew of us and had been praying for our baby. WOW! Late afternoon they drained 1.325 LITERS of fluid off. It was horribly painful and Dr. Duff wanted 1.5 L, but I couldn't go any further as it took 35 MINUTES to do it. We are now home, but I am still having cramping from the procedure and contractions every 5-10 minutes. We are hoping NOT to go back in tonight. I see Dr. Duff tomorrow afternoon at 4:15 to check on Kara's weight, etc. They say they can do the procedure again on me when it becomes necessary. (I'd rather not!) By the way, I was measuring at 46 weeks pregnant and I'm 33.5! But we'll just take it day by day. I am supposed to be doing nothing, for now, which is hard with such a busy household. Thank you SO much to our generous friends at church for helping out with our children and to all our prayer warrior friends from far and wide. We appreciate ALL of your help and every one's prayers!


Laura said...

Oh Nancy,

I do wish that I were closer to you so that we could help more. I'm glad to hear that your church family is meeting those needs. I'm sorry that the procedure was so painful. I'm proud of you for enduring so much. You're amazing. Your children are so blessed to have you as a mother. What a marvelous example you are to them. God bless you!! As are in our prayers!!

Beth said...

Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and Kara Faith.
Blessings, Beth