Friday, December 18, 2009

33.5 Week OB Visit

I went in to see my OB on Tuesday. After all I went through with the amnio drain on Monday, I felt I didn't gain too much. He measured me (fundal height) at 43 and I was 33 weeks pregnant. It has been more tolerable since then and my contractions have slowed. I received meds for contractions when I need to take them, but so far I haven't needed to--praise the Lord! I was very disappointed that we didn't take a good look at Kara and do a biophysical profile to check her approximate weight. It has been over 5 weeks since that was done and I felt they would be following me more closely... I have no idea what her growth rate is at this point. I can only pray that she is doing well in that area--I have spent much time crying and worrying over this, but have had to take it to the Lord. The doctor wanted to see me back in 2 weeks. He will be out of town for Christmas next week. I don't know what my polyhydramios issue will look like next week, so I requested to be seen by someone to touch base next week. I'm supposed to go in on Wednesday, but don't have a time yet. Dr. Duff would like Kara to stay in there until at least 36 weeks. We don't want immature lung issues to complicate her already challenged state. Please pray that I would not be discouraged during these last few weeks. It is very difficult for me to get around and take care of my little children (and it's Christmas!). My church family has been wonderful with meals and coming over to help at times. That has been a blessing! I have a hard time not being totally self-sufficient.

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