Wednesday, December 30, 2009

35 week Check-Up

Yesterday, we went in for my 35 week check-up with Dr. Duff. I have been feeling a bit better since my amnio reduction last Christmas Eve (6 days ago). My fundal height was 42. It had been 46 before last week's fluid drain. Baby looks good on ultrasound, but we still did not get a weight measurement on Kara. (I have been a bit disappointed since we have had NO weight on her since I was 28 weeks pregnant...) I was told we would do that next week. My C Section date was moved up to January 20th with an alternate date of January 14th. I expect the fluid issues to return by my appointment next week, so I think we'll probably be doing that earlier delivery date. I expect we may have to do another amniotic fluid reduction sometime next week. At that point, they would test for lung maturity. Be in prayer for Kara Faith's lungs to be mature when her time comes. I have had a lot of contractions lately and do have meds to take for them, but they make me feel badly. It is difficult to manage the children and the house right now. I am trying to rest as much as possible. My next OB appointment is January 5th. I look forward to that! Please pray that Kara Faith stays as healthy as she can be safe inside me. I want to meet her desperately and bring her home.


Laura said...

Thank you so much for trusting us with the details of what you are going through. I'm sure it's not always easy to put things in writing. But it helps me know how to pray for you!! Although we may never meet face to and your precious family are every day on our hearts! Be encouraged!!!

Monika said...

35 weeks so far, how wonderful! Continuing to pray!

Janelle said...

35 weeks! How wonderful!! I'm praying for you all!

God bless,

Veronica @ A Quiet Heart said...

I just found your blog through a prayer request posted by a friend on FB. Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your family, and your precious little girl.