Thursday, January 7, 2010

36 Week Check & Amnio Reduction & Update

36 week check-up
We went in on Tuesday afternoon for a 36 week check-up. I had been having lots of contractions the day/night before so we were anxious to see Dr. Duff. He approximated Kara's weight right at 6 pounds even which puts her in the 45% for weight. (I have NEVER had a baby this small, so this ought to be interesting!) My amniotic fluid increased a lot, so that probably contributed to my weight gain in one week of 5.5 pounds. Eesh! The AFI last week was 24.1 and this week it was 45+. (Anything over 25 is polyhydramnios.) That's one week of fluid production! So we were sent over to L&D Tuesday evening for an amniotic fluid reduction procedure...

My 3rd Amnio Reduction in 25 days
Went to Shands Tuesday evening and got checked in. I was having contractions during our wait--a good amount of them. It was around a 3ish hour wait, but we finally got our amnio reduction around 9:45 p.m. They took 1.8 Liters of fluid off in about 11 minutes. The docs that were there were great--I had 3 and 2 nurses and a med student observing. (I really did feel like a science experiment!) The fluid was sent off to do a test (FLM-fetal lung maturity) to see if Kara Faith's lungs were mature. They were looking for a number around 45. Her number was 10... My heart just dropped. Immediately afterward I had what they call "uterine irritability." Let me just say the thing went crazy with contractions and it was quite painful. During the couple hours following Kara's heart rate dipped a couple times. I received IV fluids and nifedipine for the contractions plus tylenol #3 for a bad headache. They recommended I stay overnight in the hospital and rest because I was still having lots of contractions. Stu had to go home. That was hard because I had never spent the night alone before...

Thank you to Teri who came that evening and played and watched the kids for several hours. They had so much fun with her! Jamie helped put them in bed expecting us home by midnight. Stu came home at 2 AM and Max (8) was on the couch holding Joshua (1). He had woken up crying and Max and Joshua were watching Transformers. (He is a good big bro to take of little bro not knowing when or if Daddy would come.) I came home about 11 AM on Wednesday. Dan, Teri's hubby, watched the kids while Stu went to get me. Then my good friend, Liz, from church arrived and spent all day cooking soup and chicken pot pie from scratch. The kids love her and she is the best funny story teller!

Since I've been home...
I have not been feeling well. Initially, I got home and had terrible chest pain. It was very scary. We got my OB on the phone and he thought it was acid reflux from the meds they gave me to reduce the contractions, so I was not to take it anymore. I was still having contractions all afternoon, so he called in terbutaline. It makes you really shaky, sometimes I get headaches, and it's kind of working. Also, I was not dilated when I left the hospital, but last night I lost my mucous plug. I immediately contacted Dr. Duff. He decided today to give me steroids to help mature Kara's lungs. I went in today for my 1st shot of betamethasone. I have another tomorrow afternoon. Even on the terbutaline, I am having contractions either every 3 minutes or 5-6 or so this evening. We are hoping not to go back in to L&D, but haven't decided what to do yet. It is looking like we will have a c section on the 14th which is next Thursday. Unless we have to go earlier...

Some thoughts... Time is eroding. I don't feel ready for this in too many ways--especially on the home front. It has been very difficult doing nothing and letting things go. I feel like my life is completely out of control right now. I know God has things ordered, but it is hard for me to not be able to do much of anything at all. Stu asked me the other night while we were in the hospital, "Are you okay?" I remember I just started crying. All I could think was that going through a 3rd amnio procedure was SO hard and getting the news on her lungs. I thought, "I will never be the same again..." Not after this. No matter what happens. I hope I don't totally fall apart at one point. I'm sure all the meds, no sleep, worrying, pain, hormones, etc. aren't helping my state of mind. I am trying not to be afraid and concentrate on God's goodness. He gave me this gift of Kara's life. I want to celebrate and treasure it.

(While I type this I should be laying down. We have lost the power cord to my laptop--hope it turns up soon. Please pray for the contractions to stop, so I can stay home and Kara can get the full benefit of the steroids I received today.) A special thanks to Lorie and Lisa who helped us with the children today!!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

Still praying!

mommaof4wife2r said...

praying for you...came over from dysfunctional mom's blog.

amanda said...


You are your precious little angel are in my prayers. I feel for you and your family. You have had a hard several weeks, and yet you have remained faithful to our Lord, your family, and the wonderful gift God has given you in Kara Faith. We are facing many of the same things you are going through, and I do understnad how difficult this is for you. Please know that there are many who do not know you that are praying for you. May God bless you all.


Kate said...

Oh, Nancy, my heart is just breaking with you/for you. I completely understand the feeling that things will never be all right ever again - I've felt the same way at times.

I want to tell you how blessed I am by your determination to love and celebrate your unspeakably precious little girl. I've known other moms whose babies had serious issues and most of them looked at their pregnancies as something to get over and done with so they could move on. I am very certain that the Lord is using your powerful pro-life testimony to touch hearts.

Please try to remember that the Lord loves sweet Kara Faith even more than you do, and that He counts you as more precious than you can ever imagine. He loves you all SO much, Nancy. This is a hard, hard, heartbreaking road, and I know you are weary in so many ways - just try to rest in His love today. I'm holding all of you in prayer and in my heart.

If there is anything more I can do from SC, please let me know.


Franklin said...

I have only 4 children and no health issues at the moment and my house and life feels VERY OUT of CONTROL. Just let it all go and don't worry about how the house looks or anything. You'll get through this and life will get back to manageable chaos again. Praying for you, Kara and the whole family. :) Love in Christ!

Kate said...

Just popping in again today to say that we are still lifting you before the Father. You are very loved!


Mary said...


Was sent your blog address from Corbi Shurtleff. I am so sorry to hear of this difficult path God has chosen for you. We have walked a similar road, very recently. My daughter was diagnosed with anencephaly and lived 59 hours after birth. Carrying her to term was wonderful, and difficult. I will never regret getting to meet her and love her for almost 3 days, but I understand your heartbreak. The world is a broken place. Praise the Lord it is not our forever home, and that I will hold my daughter again. I will have Adelle look for Kara, and they can play together in Heaven.