Thursday, January 28, 2010

GTube Results and Plans

Kara's New G-Tube

Kara had her gtube surgery on Friday 1/23 and it went very well. As of yesterday (Sunday), she was taken off of IV fluids for the first time since she was born AND she was back on breast milk via a continuous feed. She finally started pooping last night late. These are ALL wonderful things which show her system is adjusting well to the new gtube. Saturday and Saturday evening once she came out from under the anesthesia she was having some pain, poor little thing, so they were giving her Tylenol, but she is doing just great now!

On to the next thing! This Wednesday, January 27th, Dr. Morse plans to pull her off the vent (extubate her) sometime between 9-10 a.m. Stu and I both plan to be close by for this. It may be immediately evident it won't work OR it could take several hours. He wants to do it in the morning so he can watch her through the day. Her oxygen sats could fall after several hours and that would mean she's working too hard. In either case, they would intubate her again and use the vent to keep her airway open until we could get a tracheotomy surgery scheduled. So we will know something by the end of Wednesday is my guess.

Otherwise, Kara seems to be doing well. She is tolerating her feedings and she is gaining weight. Her weight last night was 6 pounds, 2.2 ounces. Keep praying so we can bring our little girl home and SOON! I need to get ready by moving the crib and such. We'll be needing help from various agencies and that has to be lined up. Plus I will need to figure out follow-up appointments with various specialists. Kara has a Neonatologist, an Endocrinologist, a Cardiologist, a Neurologist, a PT, and an OT. Hope I didn't leave anyone out!! LOL!


Mary said...

Glad she is adjusting well to the G-tube! You are doing just as well, Mommy. One step at a time, one battle at a time. You can do it, God gives strength JUST for the day we are in. He is walking with you.

Jessica Faith said...

we are praying!!! glad to hear she's adjusting well! God is with you, he will never let you go. He gives you strength for every day and He is FAITHFUL!! faithful to supply your need, faithful to calm the storms of life ( wissmann family song)