Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prayer for Amnio Tomorrow

After our OB appointment today, we are scheduled to go in tomorrow (Christmas Eve) for another amniotic fluid reduction at 9 AM. I am supposed to call to make sure they're not too busy before we go in. Please pray that this can be done with no complications and I'll be home on my own couch tomorrow afternoon enjoying Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family. I measured 46 weeks again and I'm 34.5. I don't feel prepared to have her tomorrow (or the next day). My house looks like a bomb went off and I have no idea how to coordinate child care. Please pray for God to be all over the details! Thank you!


Laura said...

I wished we lived closer to you! I would come over and clean your house and fix your family a meal tomorrow. I know from a very recent miracle that God has the ability to orchestrate our steps in the most amazing ways!! I will pray and agree with you that all the details will be worked out to your benefit tomorrow! He knows everything your family needs to run smoothly. And He loves you so!! You are in our prayers.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I really wish I could help you in some way! Is there anything I could do for you this weekend?
Good luck tomorrow!

Kate said...

Just saw this tonight - I'm praying that all went well, that you can get some rest, and that the Lord will send you some help with the "getting ready" stuff!!!