Friday, September 3, 2010

Daisies for Kara

The Field Daisy

I'm a pretty little thing,
Always coming with the spring;
In the meadows green I'm found,
Peeping just above the ground,
And my stalk is cover'd flat
With a white and yellow hat.

Little Kara, when you pass
Lightly o'er the tender grass,
Skip about, but do not tread
On my bright but lowly head,
For I always seem to say,
"Surely winter's gone away."

(A poem by Ann Taylor--altered by changing the name to Kara.)
Kara Faith left this world during the winter and, surely, just as this poem says, it has "gone away" for her. As we put her little white casket in the ground that early March day the first signs of spring could be seen. I believe those signs pointed to the Eternal Hope that we have in Jesus. He makes all things new! (Rev. 21:5) Kara Faith, you are new now...


Anonymous said...

Im feeling your pain, i miss my daughter so much.

Kristine147 said...

I also have a precious daughter, my Leah Grace, who is in Heaven. She was born with Alobar HPE in March of 2009 and lived a miraculous 99 days in our arms before she was eternally healed. I was missing her so much this morning, when I stumbled across your blog. I am so sorry for your loss....for what you have lost is so great! That is why the ache is so deep, isn't it? It's been a year since saying good-bye to my little girl, and through the pain and tears I can honestly say that God is faithfully healing our hearts, and shaping us into such different people because of his will to bring Leah into our family.
If you'd like to be in touch, I also have a blog

I know our stories have differences, but with the Alobar HPE connection, I know that so much of their stories as the same. And now as mother's without our babies to hold, our arms have the same ache.

~ Praying for your family as you miss Kara ~

Kristine Jarmer