Friday, October 8, 2010

Miss Kara Faith's Friday

On a Friday, at 6:42 a.m. exactly 9 months ago, little 5 pound, 14 ounce Kara Faith was born. Her birthday is January 8th. Today is purple day--the girls will wear purple (or lavender) which is Kara's color. I have many internet friends that wear purple on Fridays in memory of Kara. I am very thankful for their thoughtfulness. Every Friday, after her birth, we would celebrate another week with her by having donuts from Krispy Kreme. Since Little Peanut was born and flew to Jesus on a Friday we have donuts and wear purple. Today is more special than that because it is her "9 month birthday." Stu and I will take daisies to her spot in the park. I will read Psalm 139 over her and sing today for Kara. We are missing her so much. So today I am remembering...

Kara's headstone was ordered almost 2 weeks ago. We are expecting it to be done soon and can't wait to share it here. It is truly beautiful and we are so thankful for it, and her. God has a plan for us even though we can't see it. I am still trusting in Him.

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Laura said...

Thinking of you today and so many other days as well. Praying for your heart today....praying for peace and hope.

You love well Nancy.

Sending love,