Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Gift for Kara Faith

Recently, we were out-of-town for Christmas.  We came home to a pleasant surprise--the vase for Kara Faith's monument had been delivered and installed.  Now there is a lovely place for her flowers.  On Friday, Kara's "special" day, I brought out some flowers for her new vase.  It appears that white daisies are out of season, but I found a bunch with a pink Gerber Daisy and some other purple flowers, so that was the one.  You will notice that we have "Our Little Peanut" engraved on the back of the vase.  This is so that her name is listed together with the rest of our family.  It is really difficult for me to feel complete without her here...

A neat thing happened when Stuart and I were there to deliver her 1st bunch of flowers.  We heard an owl hooting at us from a nearby tree.  Why is this special?  Stuart loved reading to Kara.  One of his favorite books is Owl Moon.  Please read my post, Daddy's Gift , about our special memories with this book and Kara.  Stuart and I went looking for our feathered friend.  We think we located the tree, but he must have been hiding very well.  We still have hope... the "kind of hope that flies on shining wings under a silent Owl Moon."

Kara Faith's 1st Birthday is this Saturday, January 8th.  Please celebrate with us by wearing purple or lavender in her honor.  You can eat donuts or any sweets, too!  Please consider donating to your local NICU or children's hospital or donating to String of Pearls.  Thank you!


wahab said...
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Elizabeth said...

Thinking of you. ((hugs))