Friday, February 18, 2011

A Tribute

Kara Faith flew to Jesus on 2.26.10.  It was a Friday.  Today, Friday, is one week from the actual one year mark.  We have all been thinking about it.  Yesterday, I received an encouraging phone call from my oldest daughter, Celeste, age 19.  She is going to college in Illinois and is taking a public speaking course.  She starts off telling me that she just left class where she gave a 5 minute speech.  She told me that after the other speeches there was applause.  The topic--Tribute.  I thought she was going to tell me about how she wrote a tribute to her lovely grandmother, Loray Dailey, who was such a magnificent woman.  (She passed away in October 2008 from complications from treatment for RA. Celeste also has this condition.)  But no, my Celeste told me she gave a tribute to her youngest sister, Kara Faith.  She stood in front of a large class and gave testimony to the impact Kara Faith had on her life, and others.  I know how hard that must have been to do without crying.  When Celeste sat down there was no immediate applause.  Half the class was crying...

I am so proud of my daughter, Celeste Marie Dailey.  Thank you for honoring your sister, the Lord, your Mom, and your family.  Celeste said, "In 49 days she had changed more lives than I have in my 19 years. This shows us that it is not the amount of life that we have… but it is how we choose live it."   Kara Faith did this without speaking an audible word.  I love you, Celeste.  You are just as brave as your littlest sister!

Read notes for Celeste's speech here.


Gina Kroll said...

What a wonderful sister and daughter you have!

Plus, LOVE the song you have playing on here called "I will carry you".

MchK said...

Kara's story really touched me. Thank you for sharing this.