Monday, September 7, 2009

Faithful Friend

My good friend, Chris Tuttle, has felt moved by God to pray over Kara Faith. She specifically wants to pray before our doctor visits that involve ultrasound. I am so thankful she came over this evening to lay hands on me and pray for Kara's healing, myself, Stuart, and our family. Chris said this, "Thank you.... for allowing me to come over and be a part of this special time. I love you guys very much and the Lord loves you very much and this is one way to express His love to you and little Kara Faith!! Excited to see how God is going to move!! :) He is awesome!!"

Chris shared Acts 3:1-10 with me tonight. Now we are believing for healing for Kara, but ultimately desire God to be glorified in her life just like the man who was lame from birth.
Please visit Chris' blog @ Joyful Mother.


Skipper said...

I'm believing that!!! Love you.

Chris in FL said...

Our Redeemer Lives!!

Listening to this while I am typing.

Love you!!!