Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Appointment Tomorrow

Psalm 121 has encouraged me lately. Especially this part, "From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth." I'm concentrating on that right now!

We have another appointment with my favorite OB, Dr. Marichal, tomorrow. After meeting with the neonatologist at Shands last week, we are probably moving my care over to Shands. They told us that Shands is better suited to care for Kara's needs and to help us afterwards. It makes me sad in a lot of ways. I'm trusting in God to direct my steps and will be giving updates. Kara is moving a lot inside me lately and soon, hopefully, Stuart will be able to feel those kicks from the outside.

Also, I am needing increasing insulin and we need to adjust my levels. I will be talking about that with Dr. Marichal tomorrow. I have never been on it this early in pregnancy and I even lost 20 pounds before I conceived Kara, so please pray that things would level out and this would not present/create any problems for myself or our sweet baby. Thank you!

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~ Judy ~ said...

OH Nancy...you continue to be in my heart and prayers...and darling sweet Kayla too.
I wanted to pass along a prayer request I received today...a mom who is carrying her 11th child...the mom's name is Alicia...she (mom) has been diagnosed with a severe brain tumor...inoperable while pregnant...she is 25 weeks...doctors want to take the baby now...she wants to make it to 30 weeks first. I know you are so heavily burdened with crosses at this time...but I know in my own life...it has always helped me to BEAR a cross if I can feel useful in praying for someone else...that is my motivation in sharing that story with you.
Also...when I have severe gestational diabetes...they have been able to give me a small white pill (not sure if it's been FDA approved yet) in LIEU of insulin. I remember that it begins with a "G"...perhaps you could inquire?