Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coming Home on Monday!

My Precious Girl...

Little Miss Kara is coming home this Monday! Last Tuesday she was doing so badly that we didn't think we would see this day. Early Wednesday morning she received a transfusion. Cardiology recommends that babies with TOF (Tetrology of Flow) have a hemocrit of 45 or greater. Hers was 31. Also, they added a new heart medication Wednesday afternoon. She is on Lasix and Captopril. Thursday she was a new baby!!!

So yesterday we met with Nature Coast Hospice. They are wonderful and will be walking with us and helping us through this journey with Kara. I believe they are providing 3 full days of nursing care to get us started and so we are comfortable. Also, Pediatric Health Choice came and gave us a 2 hour seminar on all of the equipment we will be using at home and portable for Kara. The portable oxygen tanks only last 1.5 hours, so they gave us 4 and will be delivering more. We'll have a home oxygen mixer, a compressor for the humidifier, a heart/apnea monitor, a portable suction machine. These are her lifeline. Then they tell us the apnea monitor has to stay 6 feet away from any other electronic device... Not sure how that works! We'll see because we don't want it going off all the time. The car seat lady came and we got a car bed for Kara. She cannot sit up in a car seat because of her trach and no head control. It will take up 2 seats in my Suburban.

Please pray for these things:

**that Kara would remain healthy for the next 2 days of stay in the NICU.

**that Stuart and I would have a great peace about caring for her, no anxiety

**that I would not be afraid of anything happening in the truck on the way home from the hospital...

**pray for the people from Hospice and Ped. Health Choice that will be assisting us (They are angels!)

**our children would be calm, healthy, and enjoy their sister very much

We are so thankful for all the prayers of the Faithful people of God! They have held us together and made all the difference for Kara. God has done a work. Every day is a gift with her and we are determined to celebrate her life and enjoy her as long as possible. God bless you!


Jenn Jenn said...

God Bless your family and your baby gril. Just seeing reminded me of my cousin, let me tell you God will not only give you the strength, but you will have so many people help you. just like my aunt had with my cousin. Just give her LOVE and that will give your family strength. God is great.

Mary said...

I will definitely pray for you. I am so excited she gets to come home with you, and you get to hold her and love on her with your whole family surrounding her!

It is funny that you mention it, because I was so worried about taking Adelle home in our car. What if something happened to her on the way home??? Fear takes over so many areas. Have someone drive while you and your husband sit next to her in the back. I will pray the ride is fast...

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

yay!! PTL!! I am so happy for you all that this day has come! What a journey and still traveling and praying that each and everyday get smoother and smoother! Our Father is so faithful!!!

Love you!!

Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

Oh, and Donnie and I loved seeing her the other day! You are so right....the pictures don't do justice.

SUch a wonderful feeling of life was there. Donnie was so overcome by her precious life radiating. He said he still wasn't sure how to express what he felt when he was near her. All he said it was an amazing feeling and that he almost cried! I did when I walked in the room. I was overcome also. It was such a good feeling of seeing God's faithfulness shine on this little one!!

You know people say that when they are touched by the Lord that words can't explain the Love they feel. It was that sort of feeling we felt that day. SO BEAUTIFUL!!


bamfordothehills said...

I am so excited that Kara gets to come home on Monday! I will be praying for a safe trip home and for the adjustment of having her home with the family. We serve such a great God, He will work everything out!

Riggers said...

How wonderful, exciting - and I guess scary for you all - all at the same time!

I have loved seeing all the photos of Kara, she always seems so serene and happy - if that's not a silly thing to say?

I hope she settles in well to the hustle and bustle of family hoe life.

Riggers said...

Ohhh! Just seen my typo.... I meant "family hoMe life" !!!

Oh dear! It must be time for me to switch off the computer!

Good luck with the journey home.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh what a beautiful daughter. Kara Faith is so blessed to have you... and you her. I'm so glad I spotted your baby picture on facebook so I could come over and read about her.

I will be in prayer for your family.
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