Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trach Surgery Tomorrow

Cute pic of Kara from today--thanks to Nurse Annie.
She is hugging Natasha the poodle and Boris the beefalo.

Kara is having her tracheotomy surgery tomorrow, February 4th, at 8 A.M. Please be in prayer for a smooth procedure. We are hoping to have her home around Valentine's Day!


dannetteteaches said...

Prayers for your family and much strength for Kara as she has this procedure done. May she be home soon!

Dannette (Kansas mom who found your blog)

Jessica Faith said...

praying!!!! God is in control and this all works for your good!! Never forget the precious words of Romans 8:28!
love from Colorado

bamfordothehills said...

I will be praying that her surgery goes well and that she can home soon!

Timothy Ethan said...

Praying that surgery went well. And that Kara has a speedy recovery. Valentine's Day, WOW that isn't too far off. What a wonder gift that would be for your entire family!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

Praying that everything went okay. I am now following your blog, so I can hear more about your beautiful daughter.